bisVani (Bistechlink Pvt Ltd) is a 360-degree healthcare Business to Business portal, which provides a global platform to connect complete healthcare businesses. We have 35 years of combined experience in Technology and Healthcare spread across the globe. We have expertise in technology and Healthcare businesses , which make us the best choice.

bisVani.com provides global visibility for healthcare Manufactures, distributers, wholesalers, traders, Technology Solutions and service providers to showcase their products and companies with very affordable subscription prices.

our story

In 2004 Sep , when I was traveling back to India from Warsaw, Poland as a young IT professional, I was reading an article about incredible India, the author mentioned that India has a great medical system and why Indian’s are following western medicine ? About 80% of deaths are happening due to side effects of the western medicine.

Indian ancient health care system is designed in such a way that various spices and herbs are used in daily cooking which gives natural immunity to the body. The whole of Indian medicine is more preventive.

I could also see my nephew saying that she has great relief from arthritis with Homeopathy medicine.

Above being said only traditional medicine is not a complete solution to Healthcare, modern medicine have saved enormous lives. Meanwhile respective application of Traditional and Modern medicine can give longevity to human life.

As a child of physically challenged working mother (School teacher), I could see her socio-economic struggles and continuous dependency on others which came with its own drawbacks. I always wondered why she cannot live a very independent life. Thanks to great innovation of polio vaccine where so many kids are saved today.

Also, the technology evolutions like robotics, advance medical devices and equipment which are providing independence to physically challenged personal. Industry 4.0 technologies are playing a very innovative role new healthcare solution today.

We see the role of different healthcare services at various stages of healthcare.

bisVani was born in 2020 in the middle of pandemic to bring complete healthcare businesses to online platform, where whole world has opportunity to showcase their healthcare products, technology and services on one platform.

our vision

To create opportunities and bring forth solutions in healthcare by integrating complete healthcare ecosystem.

To enable the best healthcare products, services and technology solutions to address the healthcare issues globally.

our mission