Benefits of Mobile apps and devices for Healthcare Professionals


Many mobile apps have made the practice of evidence-based medicine at the point of care more convenient. 

Health care professionals associate numerous conveniences with using a mobile device in clinical practice, such as: portability, rapid access to information and multimedia resources, flexible communications, and a choice of powerful apps to accomplish many different purposes. 

Medical school HCPs and students cite access to information instantaneously at the time of need as a major convenience. Other studies describe keeping current through access to updates about new books, guidelines, reviews, and medical literature as an appreciated convenience. 

Health care students also no longer have to carry reference books, since many can now be accessed with a mobile
device. Consequently, students can carry all of the information found in standard medical textbooks and other necessary references in one small device that fits in a lab-coat pocket.

Better Clinical Decision-Making

Many medical apps make mobile devices invaluable tools that support clinical decision-making at the point of care. 

This quality is very important when practicing evidence-based medicine, since clinicians may not always seek answers to clinical questions after the completion of every clinical encounter. 

Practicing clinicians, as well as medical and nursing students, cite the most useful mobile tools for supporting evidence-based medicine and clinical decision-making as being drug reference, medical textbook, disease diagnosis, and medical calculator apps. 

The use of mobile devices can also support better decision-making by pharmacists by providing instant access to multiple drug information sources and other medical references.

Improved Accuracy

Mobile devices have repeatedly been found to improve the completeness and accuracy of patient documentation, an effect that has often been attributed to ease of use. 

More accurate diagnostic coding, more frequent documentation of side effects, and increased medication safety through reduced medical errors have been reported. 

Based on a more detailed description of clinical findings and a correct progress assessment, documentation prepared using a mobile device was judged to be of higher quality than documentation prepared using paper records. 

Timely communication within hospitals has also been determined to reduce medical errors, especially in critical care environments.

Increased Efficiency

The use of mobile devices has been shown to provide HCPs with numerous enhanced efficiencies, including: increased quality of patient documentation through fewer errors and more complete records, more rapid access to new information, and improved workflow patterns.

Physicians have reported that the use of a mobile device for retrieving information from a drug database led to more efficient decision-making and patient care. 

Physicians working in health care organizations have cited improved care coordination, as well as quicker and more efficient access to clinical support resources (guidelines, lab tests, and reports) as principal benefits associated with mobile device use. 

Physicians who used mobile devices during patient rounds reported spending less time accessing, retrieving, and recording data and said that the increased efficiency freed up more time for direct patient care.

Enhanced Productivity

Research has shown that the use of mobile devices at the point of care has helped streamline workflow and increase the productivity of HCPs. 

Mobile devices have been found to cause a significant increase in the average rate of electronic prescribing, Mobile apps can also increase pharmacist productivity by allowing important drug information, such as contraindications and interactions, to be checked quickly, resulting in more rapid processing of prescriptions. 

Pharmacists using a mobile device reported recording more information and completing more fields, which resulted in more thorough documentation.

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