Communication, Consulting and Information Gathering

How HCPs Use Mobile Devices and Apps : Communication, Consulting and Information Gathering

Communication and Consulting

Health care systems are often highly dispersed, encompassing multiple locations such as clinics, inpatient wards, outpatient services, emergency departments, operating theaters, intensive care units, and labs. 

Consequently, HCPs not only need to be mobile themselves, they also need to be able to communicate and collaborate with people in different locations. 

Mobile devices satisfy this need by offering multiple means of communication, including: voice and video calling; text, e-mail, and multimedia messaging; and video conferencing.

Clinical communication apps are available for mobile devices that are specifically designed to simplify communication among clinicians. 

Mobile devices have been proven to improve contact between HCPs and their colleagues. Social networking apps are useful tools for enabling discussion, consultations, and collaboration among HCPs.

Reference and Information Gathering

literature Research and Review

Mobile devices are invaluable tools for HCPs to use to search or access medical literature, as well as other information sources. the mobile devices are often used to access medical journal websites or medical news online.

Several medical journals, such as the provide apps that allow articles to be viewed on mobile devices. However, journals rarely provide free access to articles without the purchase of a subscription.

Search applications for HCPs, such as PubMed/MEDLINE, also facilitate searches of medical literature databases to identify published medical information.

Drug References

Drug reference applications are generally used to access information including: drug names, indications, dosages, pharmacology, interactions, contraindications, cost, formulary status, identification guides, and dose by weight calculators.

News Acquisition

MedPage Today is one of the most popular apps among HCPs for accessing breaking medical news, organizing news by interest, and earning CME credits.

The MedPage Today app provides information about drugs, diseases, and medical procedures, as well as daily podcasts, videos, and news updates.

It encompasses 30 medical specialties and provides annual coverage of more than 60 meetings and symposia.

In short, HCPs Use Mobile Devices and Apps for Communications, Consulting, reference and information gathering as follows:

Communications and Consulting

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Texting
  • E-mail
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Social networking

Reference and Information Gathering

  • Medical textbooks
  • Medical journals
  • Medical literature
  • Literature search portals
  • Drug reference guides
  • Medical news
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