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How HCPs Use Mobile Devices and Apps: Medical Education and Training

Mobile devices play an increasingly important role in medical education as students and schools use more technology during training. 

Mobile devices are used by health care students in a variety of ways: to log their experiences, to access information about medical conditions and drug treatment, to perform calculations, and to make basic notes.

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in educational settings, particularly because they are a “learn anywhere” resource for accessing information or double-checking knowledge. 

Health care students are increasingly relying on mobile devices as a “pocket brain” for quick, easy access to information they need in order to succeed in their programs and careers.

The ability to access all of these resources has been shown to enhance student learning in the clinical environment and to increase student knowledge scores.

Mobile devices are also used by practicing HCPs for educational purposes, especially for CME activities that keep them informed about the most current evidence-based information and medical practices. 

QuantiaMD has a mobile CME app that provides well-scripted interactive case studies that can be shared with colleagues.

Mobile devices have been shown to be important tools for teaching medical curricula. In one example, doctors who used a mobile device app during advanced life-support training had significantly improved scores during cardiac arrest simulation testing. Mobile apps such as Touch Surgery or vCath are available for simulated surgery training.

Application for pathology labs

Mobile pathology application is very useful for the hospitals as well as for individual pathology lab as it gives a wide range of benefits in managing the reports. 

Now the doctors can spend more time away from their chambers while increasing productivity as they can access patients reports with just a click.

The application also empowers pathologist to authorized investigation from anywhere with their mobile device.

1 – Pathologist workload
Eases the workload and reduces the time that pathologists spend in the lab as they are capable to upload the report onto the application for any individual patients.

2 – Reduce TAT
Allows doctors to access the patient’s reports on the go which ultimately reduces the turn around the time significantly allowing labs to process more patients.

3 – Access to past records
The application allows doctors and patients to view past records and test reports for a better  understanding of health.

4 – Waiting time
Patients wait times reduces substantially so treatment can start immediately.

Application for chemist

With rapidly evolving technology, the evolution of technology has benefited healthcare providers worldwide, including pharmacists and patients. 

With these advances, pharmacists can improve patient care through more efficient availability and communication of information. 

Nowadays, pharmaceutical mobile applications are widely used. Several features and functionality play an important role to support the actual needs of users, especially in primary medication.

1. Inventory management:
The chemist can manage their inventory easily with the help of mobile application as the system will keep an account for every medicine and generate several reports whenever required.

2. Sell Online:
The chemist can able to sell their medicine online. Hence, less traffic into the shop.

3. Easy for buyers:
The patients do not need to worry about reaching the medical store every time. They can just order it via the application.

In short, HCPs Use Mobile Devices and Apps in medical education and training for:

  • Continuing medical education
  • Knowledge assessment tests 
  • Board exam preparation 
  • Case studies 
  • E-learning and teaching 
  • Surgical simulation 
  • Skill assessment tests 
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