3D modelling in healthcare

Top 5 best 3D Modelling software for the medical sector

Top 5 of the best 3D Modelling software for the medical sector are given as follows:

  • 3D-Doctor

3D-Doctor, as evidenced by its appellation, is a 3D Modelling software exclusively designed for the medical field, particularly useful for surgical simulation and treatment planning applications. 

This software is developed by Able Software Corp. You can work on many formats, such as DICOM files for example, and export them into an STL format very easily.

This vector-based tool is made for the healthcare community and is perfect for 3D modeling, image processing, and measurement.

  • Within Medical

If you’re looking for a 3D Modelling software, you can check out Within Medical, developed by AutoDesk. It enables you to create accurate 3D models for the medical industry that are really optimized for 3D printing!

Within Medical is made to work on implants. Designers can create porous parts that can be used to work on osseointegration, the fusion between the bone and an implant.

  • Medical Design Studio

Anatomage offers a lot of 3D imaging software for the medical industry. They are also offering Medical Design Studio, an ideal software if you are looking for a tool to create accurate models. This software allows you to convert your medical images into mesh models.

You can take a model and modify it to fit a patient’s specific anatomy. It is easy to sculpt with Medical Design Studio and you can quickly export your models to 3D print your digital model in a high-quality.

  • Ossa 3D

Ossa 3D is an impressive 3D printing software developed by Conceptualize and only available on mobile. It is an end-to-end mobile solution allowing doctors, radiologists, and prosthetists to 3D print any model. This modeling software claims to be easy to use, only with your finger touch.

  • D2P

D2P is developed by 3D Systems, specially made for medical use. You’ll be able to work on DICOM files and to 3D print them. You can use it for 3D printing but it’s also a great tool for visualization.

Indeed, it is possible to export your file for a virtual reality experiment.

This 3D software is an end-to-end solution allowing you to create your 3D model with automatic segmentation tools. It supports a lot of file formats, has intuitive editing tools and provides easy control of data management.


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