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bisVani.com makes it easy for sellers to connect with buyers
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About bisVani.com

bisVani (Bistechlink Pvt Ltd) is a 360-degree healthcare Business to Business portal, which provides a global platform to connect complete healthcare businesses. We have 35 years of combined experience in Technology and Healthcare.

bisVani.com provides global visibility for healthcare Manufactures, distributers, wholesalers, traders, Individuals and service providers to showcase their products and companies with very affordable subscription prices.

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Why you should join bisVani platform?

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Reach millions of buyers globally and locally.

Get your products in front of millions of active buyers from all around the globe who make enquiries for your products and hence build trust for your brand and business.

Get Exposure and increase sales

bisVani provides direct reach to your customers. If you setup the details of your listings on bisVani, We can eliminate the need for your global customers to visit your company physically in current circumstances with restrictions in travel, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and money. Your buyer can have a business deal online with confidence.

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Onboarding with expert guidance

Your reachability to your customers depends on how well you showcase your products and company on bisVani. On this onboarding process, we are here to guide you in the process to showcase your products efficiently on bisVani platform.

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